How to Cure Aging – During Your Lifetime?

Thanks for science, the lifespan of human is longer than ever before. But in order to increase the quality of life, as well as the healthspan, we need to look at the source of the problem: Aging.

  1. Senescent Cells:
    These cells can also be called: zombie cells. Unlike other cells, they stay around and do not die. The older you are, the more senescent cells you get and they will weaken your body slowly.
    Scientists, through many experiments, has understood that removing these zombie cells can boost the body health, as well as increase the lifespan.
  2. NAD+:
    There are many parts inside the cell, and NAD+ is one essential part. Its job is to tell ourselves to look after themselves. Sadly, the older we get, the fewer NAD+ we have in our body.
    Even though it is not 100% true that it will increase lifespan by planning NAD+ inside our body, this is still a serious method to cure aging. There are many human trial being planned right now and hoping it can be the first human anti-aging pill.
  3. Stem Cells:
    Stem cell is a very important doctor to our body: It has the ability to regrow and fix the damage body parts. Sadly, as we get older, stem cells slowly disappear. The experiment has proved that providing the stem cells to the old mice can help them become healthier, live longer and even regrow hair faster.


There are no single magic bullet that can help us from aging, but it requires a complex array of different therapies.


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