“Dog Wick” Parody Video Of “John Wick” Is Everything You Need

We all know about John Wick, one of the best action movies ever made. Now get ready for Dog Wick, a parody made by Youtuber’s Rocket Jump.

What will happen on that day if instead of the pup, John Wick was the one who got killed? Answering for that question, “Dog Wick”, a switched roles film, was created in 2014.

The parody begins with the scene of John and his cute dog, Daisy, playing fetch inside the field. Watching them are two men in the black suit. Later that night, a group of men broke inside John Wick home and shot him dead. And that is their worst mistake. The next scene kicks in with the mobster boss screaming at his guys, knowing exactly what their critical fault is. ““You killed John Wick’s dog’s human!”

Seeking to revenge for his owner, after calling the mobster, Daisy dig up its guns and ready for the rampage. With the adorable outlook and a tiny gun, this little dog is the worst nightmare for the mafia when they try to assassinate him.

For even more laughter, the two officers at the last scene come with the statement: “No law here says dog can shoot people”

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