How to Keep an RV Mattress from Sliding?

Mattresses with non-skid bottom: There are numerous methods to keep a mattress from sliding, but it’s important to note that you can prevent it from happening in the first place by buying a one-sided mattress instead of the double-sided version.  Unlike double-sided mattresses, the one-sided type features a non-skid bottom and thus cannot be flipped, which means they won’t be sliding around even if you tumble about in your bed.

Secure mattress on metal frame: Metal frames are slippery, especially if you have a memory foam or latex mattress, which will have less gripping friction to the bed base due to the nature of the material. A rubber mat, which is similar to what is used to keep rugs and carpets in place, is the best solution in this case.

The mechanism is simple but effective, as a rubber mat introduces friction to keep your mattress in place. You just need to get a rubber mat of the right size to fit your RV mattress. If you want some versatility, you can buy a piece that is slightly bigger than the bottom so you could always trim it down later. When you’re dealing with a metal bed frame, in addition to any pads or mats you use to increase friction between the bottom of the mattress and the bed frame, you can install side rails for further effectiveness. Side rails will trap the mattress in place.

Securing mattress on box spring: It’s not possible to add side rails on a box spring. Fortunately, with box springs, all you need is to add a non-slip pad to enhance friction. A good alternative is mattress encasements, which also add an extra layer of friction and at the same time preserve the mattress’ integrity.

Securing mattress on platform bed: To prevent mattress from sliding on a platform bed, the bed base and the mattress must be a perfect match in size. If your mattress is too big, it will slide around. You can use a rub mat or any other type of anti-slip pads as above.

Velcro Strips: Large size, heavy-duty velcro strips make for a cheap solution. The velcro strips have an adhesive on each side, just peel the paper, stick one strip to the mattress and the corresponding strip to the bed base. The mechanism is simple: one strip consists of tiny little loops on its surface, while the corresponding strip is made up of tiny hooks, which would hook to the tiny loops of the other strip, thus when these two strips come into contact, they would attach to each other and keep your mattress in place, as long as the strips are aligned correctly. While we’re at this, double-sided carpet tape can also work as a cheap temporary solution.

Securing mattress topper: To secure the mattress topper, you need to buy a tight fitted, deep pocket sheet in the first place, and secure it with suspenders designed for this purpose. Safety pins are not recommended, since you can easily rip the topper as well as damaging the mattress.

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