Seat Ibiza hatchback 2018 review

Matt Watson, a famous car reviewer, is here to talk about Seat Ibiza Hatchback 2018.

Beginning of the Ibiza 2018 review, we will take a look through out this famous automobile:

The outside: Small looking car, with some eye-catching design.

The inside: Neat, tidy, and easy to use.

However, there are some small details that caught Watson’s attention: The up spot on the driver’s seat, the hand-rest box in the middle of the car, and the weird gaps line on the deck.

When driving, drivers feel a bit noisy from the sound of engine, after that is the comfortable feeling, which is the advantage of Ibiza. Quite impressive!

Speed is the last thing that Matt Watson gonna review, and he will try by switching the gearbox to sport mode. Beside from the sharp change in the automatic gearbox and decent speed, the downside is the engine noise while pressing your legs.

In conclusion, seat Ibiza 2018 is the quite good car that might be popular in the future.


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