Subaru Forester Vs Honda CR-V Comparison

SUV Buyers want a vehicle that runs well not only on concrete roads but also which is able to cope up with the off-roads. With this, they also seek something that gives a comfortable interior touch and technology alongside a modern and smooth ride. Seeing the demand, there are two cars that crossovers the mind, named Subaru Forester 2008 for sale and Honda CR-V 2008 for sale.

Now, to find the best out of the two is not at all difficult, if one has the right tools. So, before reaching any decision, let’s compare Subaru Forester Vs Honda CR-V.

SUV Comparison: Subaru Forester Vs Honda CR-V

Considering the fact that CR-V is the bigger selling car than the Forester is. It is difficult to overlook the Subaru Forester, which has earned most of the awards in its categories of the car. With both the SUVs offering so much in terms of fuel economy, utility, and value, let’s delve deeper into their features and find the one, which can be better for the people.

1. Fuel Efficiency

On one side, where the Subaru Forester has light-weight steering allowing for the effortless drive, it’s power is quite less when compared with the CR-V. Thus, it proves that the Honda car has the better fuel economy. In order to comprehend more, look and compare the values stated below:


Subaru Forester

Honda CR-V

Fuel Tank Capacity

2.5Lt Flat 4 Cyl.

1.5Lt 4-Cyl. Turbo

Horse Power



Torque Value


179 Lb-Ft.

Mileage (Claimed)

28-32mpg (varies with model)

32-34mpg (varies with model)

2. Cargo Space

In order to know compare Subaru Forester Vs Honda CR-V in terms of space, let’s get inside it.

To begin with the Forester base model, it offers 34.4 cubic feet of cargo space with the rear-seats folding to 74.7 cubic feet of space. On the contrary, Honda CR-V has 39.2 cubic feet of cargo space with the folding of rear seats, extending the same up to 75.8 cubic meters.

To add on, the Forester is more space in the front end with massive windows giving an airy feel but the CR-V is more spacious at the rear end. However, the former is two inches taller than the latter, which gives more comfort when it comes to driving with the pets.

3. Safety Feature

Both are equally good with this feature still, they differ in their own way. As Forester has a rearview camera, reverse automatic braking system, and the eye-suit package that can be held by spending some extra dollars. There, the Honda CR-V in the upper trim comes with the same safety features as Forester but it also covers forward collision warning and Driver attention monitor technology. Besides this, there are six airbags in CR-V Honda while the Subaru Forester gives seven of them.

4. Interior Refinement

Some of the material inside the Forester car does give a luxurious and upscale look but the fit and finish material in this Subaru Forester can be made better than the Honda CR-V. Moving towards the layout of the infotainment system, it is good and high-tech in Honda CR-V but in Forester, changes are highly recommended.

Finally, after comparing Subaru Forester Vs Honda CR-V, the winner here comes down to preferences and it has been observed that Honda CR-V is the more desirable vehicle among families.

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